LeiLei’s Creative Mind- James Tseng

James moved to the islands of Hawaii when he was 13. From the very first moment he laid his eyes on the pristine beaches he was in love, not only to the ocean but the culture of Hawaii as well. He says’ “there is no place like Hawaii where you can surf in the morning, go to work, and play nine holes of golf after work.”

James had a passion for art ever since he was a young boy. With his creative mind, he’s constantly creating things with his hands.  As he grew older, that enjoyment of creating works of art has led him to learning the beautiful craft of Hawaiian Jewelry, which he learned in the early 90’s.

James constantly traveled to Japan, always striving to obtain new ideas which he can incorporate in his works of art. Loaded with an abundance of ideas. James went to work for his friend in Tokyo at a clothing design company. As an apprentice, he learned how to use computers to aid him in design and help express his vision.

In 2001 he started working for Maxi, A very well known jewelry brand in Hawaii and Japan.  For three years, he worked with Maxi’s designer Howard Miao, who gave him the opportunity to experiment with a wide array of designs. 

LeiLei work shop was established in 2004. LeiLei started as a Hawaiian jewelry manufacture factory, manufacturing Custom Traditional Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry. Since the demands for shop got greater, LeiLei shop was opened in 2005.



Jamesはコンスタントに日本へ行き、彼のアートワークに取り入れる新しいアイディアを追求し, 多数のアイディアを考えだした。彼は東京で服飾のデザイン会社に勤め、見習いとして彼はコンピュータでのデザインの仕方を学んだ。

2001年、彼はハワイそして日本でもよく知られているマキシで働き始めた。3年の間、彼はマキシのデザイナー、ハワード ミアオ氏と共に働いた。


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